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10M Views on YouTube/Vevo

7M streams

65K Spotify Listeners

123K FB Followers

28K IG Followers

A little about Robby


The year was 1996, in Hartford, Connecticut (where Robby spent his youth running around Putnam Street on hot summer days), when his cousin reintroduced him to a genre of music he hadn't heard in a while. Although Robby grew up surrounded by the music blasted on MTV, soundtracks from blockbuster movies he'd watch over and over again, and his mom's vinyls playing on an old beat-up stereo, he had yet to realize the impact and importance of music in his life. That was before he heard a singer speak directly to his heart and soul about stuff happening in his everyday life. Robby knew and loved country music, Johnny, Willie, Dolly, Kenny, and Denver, but had yet to live enough to grasp its profound roots entirely. The voice resonating from his cousin's music player directly into his unwary ears triggered an awakening that changed his life forever. Years later, on the floor of the 50th CMA Awards, Robby had the great privilege to thank that singer in person, Garth Brooks.

Robby’s music has been featured on Sirius XM The Highway, CMT, GAC, the Crook & Chase Countdown, Country Top 40 with Fitz, and has earned him major media, including the LATE SHOW with David Letterman, FOX’s Huckabee, USA Today, People Magazine, Country Weekly, Rolling Stone Country,  Music Row Magazine, The Boot, TV Guide, and The Tennessean.

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